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    i ish going ot explain and a preview of my story! :D



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    i ish going ot explain and a preview of my story! :D

    Post by Musica297 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:07 pm

    im sorry im so off again on again with the guild i love this guild so much and im sorry i left Crying or Very sad but its not all cuz i argued with zander i was gonna leave any ways to help a freind i did that just to tick him off Razz hmmmm i guess that failed but my freind kneeded hepl but she doesent any more so i wish i could come back and if i cant ill miss chu all Crying or Very sad oh yeah im writing a sotry heres some of it

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    "Well Nick we got that request from our bigest dealer and as you can tell now we dabble in hits how else are we gonna afford all of this will you take this job for us" he had this look in his eyes he was gonna kill me if I said no "yes sir I will" "ok then kid take her out when ever you want and dont get caught". I whent out of the building and threw up holy crap theres no way im gonna be able to kill an innocent woman but if i dont im as good as dead.
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    Re: i ish going ot explain and a preview of my story! :D

    Post by HideSpy on Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:11 am

    sorry musica, i gave you 4 chances and you're the only one who came back 4 times .. we'll not take you back until at least a couple of months. I apologize for this and wish you good luck

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