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    Pioneers of Iria Announced


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    Pioneers of Iria Announced

    Post by HideSpy on Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:56 am

    Announced officialy Feb. 26th Cool
    For more info: Erinn Walker

    New Features
    • New continent Iria with three new maps all connected through the Mana Tunnels:
    o Rano – Composed of plains, desert and rain forest climates, Rano features mustangs and ostriches that players can ride to go different places.
    o Connus – In this desert, filled with sand storms, players will find Filia, the first Elf town that all players who create an elf character will begin their fantasy life. Another special feature from this area is the underground maze, which lies underneath Longa Desert.
    o Physis – This snowy and very windy area is surrounded by valleys and mountains and is where the field bosses, Mammoth and Yeti appear, so players will need to be alert. Physis’s Reus River is always frozen and Giants can stomp the ground near the river, breaking the ice to go fishing for food.

    New character races: Elves and Giants
    o Elf – While similar in appearance to the existing human characters, elves have pointy ears, are usually pale skinned, more elegant in their dress, and run about 1.3 times faster than humans or giants. Bows are their main weapon of choice and they can shoot monsters while riding horses and shoot two arrows at once. Elves live in Connus and if they spot a giant or a giant’s supporters, they will attack without mercy.

    o Giant – Giants are gigantic, muscular and bare creatures. They are used to the cold weather of Physis, their homeland. Their strength allows them to knock down certain types of trees with bare fists, carry logs as weapons or even a human character over their shoulders. If Giants spot an elf or their supporters, they will break their spine.

    New Free Content
    o The new rebirth system allows characters to rebirth from the age of 20 without purchasing a basic or premium card. This rebirth will not allow any appearance changes. Those who opt to pay will be able to rebirth once a week and will still appear at a younger age.
    o The Mainstream Storyline Quest is now free for all players to enjoy and learn more about the game’s epic mythology.
    o Players who complete the Generation 2 or Generation 3 mainstream quests will now be able to transform into a Paladin or Dark Knight for free.

    New Skill/Monster/Item
    o There are more than 600 new Exploration Quests.
    o Players can choose from three new armor sets and other clothes for Human characters.
    o Players can gain new titles related with exploration and Iria such as “Friend of Horse and Ostrich.”
    o There are new weapons, clothes and titles exclusively for Elf and Giant characters.
    o There are three new discoverable dungeons with expanded diversity to enhance the challenge.

    New Action
    o Throwing Stone – Players can throw stones to aggravate monsters or objects.
    o Play Dead– Players can fake death and not get attacked by monsters. However, players will be unable to move.
    o Hide – Players who are Elves can appear transparent and will not be noticed by monsters.
    o Land Maker – Players can change the shape of land in a certain area in order to find something buried under the ground.
    o L-Rod – This device is used to detect hidden relics and artifacts. It’ll make a beeping sound as players get near hidden items. The closer players get, more it will beep.
    o Sketch – Players can sketch monsters or artifacts to complete quests or tell players a location.

    New Skills
    o Ice Spear – This will freeze monsters.
    o Final Hit – Only human warriors can use this slill, which will hit a monster without the normal delay for a limited amount of time. Users can also instantly teleport within a certain distance of the enemy, which really increases effectiveness in battles against archers.
    o Stump – Only giants can use this skill on the Reus River at Physis to break the ice to fish or move snow to reshape land to discover something.
    o Mirrage Missile – Only elves can use this skill, which poisons the enemy and the poison spreads to nearby monsters once attacked.
    o Full Swing/Elven Magic Missile – These special attack skills are used when an Elf or Giant is transformed.

    New User Interface
    o Exploration Chronicle - This window tells players what relics have been found so far and the record of who found it first.
    o Character Creation – This now includes Giants and Elves.

    Mabinogi, which commercially launched in North America in March 2008, offers a sophisticated MMORPG experience with its gameplay variety, unique combat system and orderly time element and age component. In addition to traditional MMO features including challenging adventures, exciting group quests and a plethora of fearsome monsters, Mabinogi offers a much fuller "life" for its players. Players can enhance the experience by cooking, shearing sheep or other making clothes. The game also allows players to compose music and share with others to play together in the game.

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